About Somerfield Global

SOMERFIELD GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED providing services to the Oil & Gas industry in Nigeria, with branches in West Africa Region and Europe. Somerfield and its subsidiaries are engaged in providing services to the Petroleum, Mining and Natural Gas Industries.

The company is led by a team of industry experts with more than 300 years of combined experience in the Petroleum, Mining and Natural Gas sectors in multinational companies around the world.

Our success is based on the strengths of our people who are dedicated to providing innovative and appropriate technology to the needs of our customers.

Somerfield is focused on delivering services safely and providing modern, portable and high quality equipment. The company's focus is on equipment with integrated automation, high efficiency, low emission engines and the latest available technology. The company is committed to regional growth, employs highly qualified staff and is focused on providing customized solutions to challenging problems even in the most hostile environments.

Somerfield Global Resources Limited offers 5 main service lines:

• Maintenance and Calibration Services
• Directional drilling and well services
. Cleaning and Inspection Services
. Construction and Fabrication Services
• Project management, engineering consulting and Manpower Supply services.

We have a fleet of new equipment and are prepared to offer appropriate solutions for the most diverse and complex needs of drilling, Commissioning, Cleaning, Inspection, Construction, Hydro-testing and Refinery Turnaround operations, leveraging our experience and wide range of services in each project we undertake.

Quality & Complexity

With respect to Quality, we have a no-nonsense approach. We expect a job to be done right the first time. We feel that earning trust by doing what we say we’ll do is the only way to conduct business. We take pride in our work and produce a quality product that meets or exceeds each owner’s expectations.

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Commissioning & De-commissioning
Valve Services
Predictive Maintenance
Manpower Supply

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