Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Services

Somerfield Global Resources Limited operates globally providing a full range of pre-commissioning, commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning services to the pipeline and process plant construction, commissioning and maintenance industries, both onshore and offshore. The services offered by Somerfield Ltd are aimed at providing operators the ability to initiate, sustain and increase production. This can be achieved through a variety of methods including improving efficiency of planned projects and by increasing the production and transportation capability of infield hydrocarbon flowlines, process plant and export pipelines.

Pipeline Cleaning

Many piping systems require some degree of cleaning prior to plant start-up or during the midst of operation. The earlier occurs during the pre-commissioning stage of piping systems where the construction debris left in the pipe would be detrimental to plant start up; while the latter is carried out during plant operational stage. Pipe cleaning can be performed using the mechanical pigging or chemical cleaning process.


Hydrostatic Testing

Somerfield Ltd provides an appropriate service to meet our client's requirement - from the provision of skilled personnel and rental of equipment, to a complete service including preparation of individual test packs, procedure writing, scheduling of tests and development of a fully integrated pre-commissioning plan to include cleaning, drying, inerting and leak testing.

Somerfield is well equipped with high velocity filling pumps of 2,000 horsepower capacity and pumping pressures up to 1380bar (20,000 psi) to meet project requirements.


After a successful hydrostatic test, water must be removed from the pipeline prior to the introduction of product. While this is sometimes performed by displacing the water directly with product, in most cases, the water is removed separately by dewatering with air. This is particularly the case where complete drying is required.


Nitrogen Purging

Nitrogen purging is the replacement of an undesired atmosphere by the inert gas nitrogen. During the commissioning of a process plant, the replacement of air by purging with nitrogen is known as 'oxygen freeing' or 'start up purging'. During a turnaround, the replacement of a hydrocarbon atmosphere with nitrogen is familiarly known as 'degassing' or 'shutdown purging'.


Nitrogen Drying

The drying of process systems, either post-construction or subsequent to turnaround hydrostatic testing, is a critical operation in many industries. Failure to ensure systems are free of moisture, or to a specified dew-point, can have serious production or safety implications. Hydrate formation, pipework blockage, product impurity, the formation of corrosive chemicals, etc. can be caused by not drying to a recognised procedure and acceptance criteria.


Helium/ Nitrogen Leak Detection

Leak detection on process systems using helium and nitrogen gas is the most accurate and quantifiable method. On an offshore production platform module, or within a petrochemical complex, the elimination of hydrocarbon leakage is of operational priority and importance. Such containment loss can lead to hazardous situations, environmental impact and huge financial loss.

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