Conflict Management

How can we help?

Clients ask us to help them engage their most important negotiations and critical conflicts, and to teach our approach throughout their organization. We have assisted executives and leaders from some of the world's largest companies and organizations with challenges such as:

  • Negotiating terms & conditions with global suppliers, collaborating organizations, clients, customers
  • Forming or managing strategic alliances, partnerships and joint ventures
  • Breaking impasse in key negotiations
  • Maintaining a value proposition when customers or competitors treat the product as a commodity
  • Improving and standardizing a negotiation strategy and approach across the organization
  • Growing sales or protecting profit margins with significant customers
  • Negotiating with single and sole source suppliers
  • Maintaining critical relationships during the contentious unwinding of a deal
  • Negotiating internally ("across the matrix") without line authority
  • Improving performance management and feedback conversations
  • Mentoring and coaching executives
  • Communicating effectively across cultures
  • Engaging in collective bargaining processes, or managing other union-management conflicts
  • Influencing government ministries and officials when they seem to have unilateral decision-making authority
  • Negotiating with community groups and other constituencies that perceive themselves to have a very strong "walk-away"
  • Building consensus around key government policies

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