Predictive Maintenance | Condition Monitoring | Vibration Analysis

Somerfield Global Resources Limited offers a scalable collection of integrated professional services to provide a clear understanding of machinery health across the entire plant and enterprise. Through its depth, virtualization and automation, Somerfield Reliability Services deliver highly effective condition monitoring service solutions that support maximum plant availability, reduce risk, improve safety and increase production. Somerfield delivers solutions to all stakeholders within a plant's operation by providing comprehensive expert machinery diagnostics of multiple technologies all readily available through the Reliability Portal.

Pipeline & Storage Tank Displacement Services

Somerfield–assisted displacement provides a safe, fast and inexpensive means of removing product from a Pipeline/Tank, whether for repair, product changeover or for product recovery when a Pipeline/Tank is deactivated. In a single step, product is removed and the line is left with a dry and inert atmosphere. Whether the line contains natural gas liquids, crude oil, gasoline, diesel, liquid petroleum gas, ethylene or other liquid, our detailed analysis of the line profiles and project conditions allows for the most efficient displacement.

Refinery Turnaround Services

A planned, periodic shut down (total or partial) of a process unit or plant to perform maintenance, overhaul and repair operations and to inspect, test and replace process materials and equipment.

Inspection, NDT & Corrosion Management

Our Inspection & NDT team put utmost emphasis on international best practice and strict adherence to internationally and nationally recognised standards of excellence.

* Magnetic Particle Inspection
* Dye Penetrant Testing
* Visual Examination
* Ultrasonic Testing covering Thickness measurement and Flaw Detection
* Eddy Current Testing
* Radiographic Testing

Rig Inspection, Drill Pipe Inspection and Tubular Inspection

* Monitor the condition of your rigs, drill pipes and tubular equipment
* Detect and locate internal and external, corrosion, pitting, cuts, gouges, wall loss, and fatigue cracks before they result in severe damage
* Ensure the operational integrity of your rigs, pipes and oilfield tubulars and comply with the latest regulations and standards
* Manage safety cost-effectively through comprehensive inspection and risk ranking
* Deploy the most appropriate action for damage that cannot be detected in advance
* Predict and avoid potential failures


Somerfield is saddle with the task of promoting sales in a rapidly growing market, continuous to serve the Oil, Gas and marine industry with its expertise in Ultra High Pressure Jetting Services. We are here to serve the Oil, Gas and petrochemical plants and process-related companies for the work of similar nature.

Rescale / clean industrial equipment like heat exchangers, furnaces, Rig Wash, Tubular/Drilling pipes Cleaning, Piping’s, Surface Flow lines, Vessels, coolers etc.


Tank Cleaning

Self-powered, integrated process that cleans small and large sized tanks containing oil and petrochemical products. It is a fully automated non-man entry system, which means you clean your tanks in a fraction of the time required by manual methods. The process can even be operated by a single person.

Your staff don't need to enter the tanks during cleaning. Compared to manual cleaning techniques, cleans tanks safer, faster and in a more environment-friendly way.

* FPSO Tank Cleaning
* Vessel Tank Cleaning
* Storage Tank Cleaning
* LPG & LNG Tank Cleaning

  • Repair and Servicing of Barrel Door
  • Change-out and Repair of Pig Signaller

Other Services